Monday, 30 August 2010

Seitokai Yakuindomo EP9 :

I was already laughing the moment the episode started - and that was only the summary of the last episode! All the pervy bits put together lol! Like Tsuda said, "That was the most messed up summary of a former episode Ive ever seen!" Man I love Tsuda! Having to deal with all those perverted girls daily! I cant sympathise though since I am just like the perverts he deals with! XD Then he has his sis too - whos now the 'ditzy type' - man im flashing back to when she ran to school with an entire french loaf in her mouth!

YAY! ITS FINALLY ARRIVED! THE  STUDENT COUNCIL RULE IVE BEEN WAITING FOR! ALWAYS CARRY A CONDOM! Right u are missy! Man I feel like Tsuda's voicing my mind or something I too knew she would say that one day! Ne?

I love Yokoshima-sensei! She & the newpaper girl are my fav character! Its gut to see her awakening to a whole new fetish, but I prefer u sadistic sensei! XD Ah then newspaper girl mishearing everthing again! so i guess guyphobia girl uses pads then...XD OR DOES SHE? Cue Shino somehow turning the red string of fate into wet? Man alot of animes are 'wet' this week XD This somehow turns into a discussion of Tsuda's masturbation techniques? LOL Shino's face as she decides he gives himself head! I for one agree with sensei - its definately the left! Then YAY! Newpaper girls back with photos for they're newspaper, uve got to know u cant trust her for pics by now! And shes now photoshoped Suzu's fascination to not be Tsuda's height but something right at her level of vision, teehee! TSUDAS SO KEWT CHEWING ON HIS PENCIL! XD I have a question, how did one story become 3? But it was hilarious when Tsuda started yelling at George! Tsudas a heartbreaker! TEAR :'( I thought u were different ;) TSUUUDA! LOl jk!

Looks like the Sports fest is finally gonna happen now! But no instead we've got Aria bondage! and yes Tsuda, sensei does like bondage XD! Not to mention shes so kewt being chased in chibi form by a giant red ball! AWWW! And i think Tsuda's sis gives the best advice ever, so i will relay it to men everywhere.... DONT MASTURBATE BEFORE SPORTS ACTIVITIES IT WILL AFECT UR PERFORMANCE! now the question is what type of performance?

OMG I DIED WHEN I SAW SHINOS BONDAGE BEAR! ARIA GIVES THE BEST PRESENTS! And she also knows when you should or shouldnt use aphrodisiacs XD!Sensei an her whip! And since when have westerners enjoyed S&M games, isnt it global? Wah, I really wanna know y Shino picked Tsuda! And man I wish I was given then same explanation for a crouching start as Tsuda was - its so easy to understand! Man I love Newspaper girl freaking about what would sell best! I love her!

The episode end greatly with Tsuda once getting angry at george!

Highschool Of The Dead EP9 : Sadistic Saeko Is HOT!

Best line of the episode : ( saeko says to komuro) Do you enjoy getting girls wet or something? MADE ME LOL! I love Saeko! Shes the best character , and shes even better now shes a sadist! MAN I LOVE SADISTS! Like how I love Alois in Kuroshitsuji II! Man that possesed look when shes killing those zoombies! When she says IM WET! so dramtically i thought i was going to die laughing! I'm a fan of Komuro x Saeko pairing so I liked this episode! I think Rei is a dipshit & should die and that Takagi should be with Hirano!

Anyway lots of Saeko changing etc. and I was thinking KOMURO PEEP! PEEP GOD DAMMIT! I WOULD IF I WERE U! But Komuro has to be the 'gentleman' - he knows he wants to! Then he goes and gives her a portable toilet?! I think she'd prefer food - i dont thik they've eaten then whole time! THEYRE ALL ANOEREXICS! (i have no idea how to spell it - never had & never will XD)

Anyway one thing i love about HOTD is that the backgrounds are so PUUUUUURDY! And they continue to be in this episode! Especially while Saeko when ape shit on those zoombies at the shrine - which made it soo much better! Still this was probably the least interesting episode so far (except the wet & sadism parts), but its a filler episode I think - i read somewhere that it was but I can't be sure since I havent read the manga. But for a filler it is still quite good! But not the best, ne?

One last thing, wtf did Komuro aggresively grab Saeko's boob for? RANDOM! Hes trying to make her beat zoombies up by grabbing her boob? WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE? And shouldnt she beat the shit out of him if he does that? BAKA BAK! And whats with him saying he only did it for himself? BASTARD! DONT MESS WITH SAEKO SHES A SADIST! Maybe hes a masochist...? Well then hopefully next week will be better XD

Fairy Tail EP44 : DIE LAXUS!

The battle of fairy tail continues! And lets just say LAXUS HAS PROBLEEEEMS! Sure he wans to be master, but taking the city hostage! Thats just LOW! Lol Lucy's & the others arent 'stoned' anymoreXD Thanks to Erza - who is celebrating with naked old men in the baths lol! WELL DONE EVERGREEN!

Anyway Laxus has anger issues - he needs something to vent his frustrations on, or in his case someone! Poor poor Freed - lightening getten thrown at him by angry man, but al i could think about was his hair - I mean imagine trying to do that in real life! IMPOSSIBLE! Unless ur a hair genius!

Anyway doesnt that other guy with the dolls seem kinda pedo-ey! Playing with dolls - perving on Lucy in cosplay! But Lucy's got Loke (who is coolier in celestial form) to save the day, and as happy says she 'liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes him' ! XD

I still cant figure out why the runes block Natsu and that other guy whose name i have momentarily forgotten, from leving the guild? They're not over 80 are they? But, shit i forgot her name too - lets just call her book worm... oh wait Levvy - anyway levy's theyre to help with the runes , hopefully it doesnt mess up like it did in the changeling incident, ne?

Well I can't wait till next week - we're gonna finally see Mira fight! Ive waited for this, shes so much klier this way! NE?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid - Sama 53 : All Hail The Nin-Nin Ninja

This chapter was sooooo funnny I think it KILLED ME! I LOVE THAT NINJA CED! Usui's bro is so cruel to make him wear that and only say Nin-Nin! But I've gotta say poor Nin-Nin Ninja, hes been exposed to so much in one day, I'm surprisd he didn't die from culture shock! Also HInata was in this chapter so I LVOED IT!

When I first saw the scene in the boys toilets where MIsaki's waiting for Nin-Nin, I thought she was carrying the toilet on her back not sitting on one! I was like ' WTF ARE U CARRYING A TOILET AROUND FOR! ARE U GONNA FLUSH HIM DOWN IT?' But then I realised what happened... XD Wah I love it when Hinata & the Baka Trio arrive wanting to help ( all chibi aswell ) and then the big chase starts! Then comes along THE BEST SCENE EVER in the ENTIRE SERIES of Maid sama! The Kanou x Yukimura Yaoi! Something I have dreamed of since Kanou first arrived! I actually could not stop laughing at Nin-Nin's reaction! And Then Kanou doesn't realise what it just looked like! And then he freaks out and goes all hypnotist on Nin-NIn who jjust closes the door on him - POOR KANOU! Maybe Nin-Nin thought he was gonna be assaulted, ne? And then poor Nin-Nin arrives upon an even more Yaoi scene between Yukimura & Usui ( If only in was Kanou!) NIn-NIn is then further tortured through maids ( but I think he liked that)! It was hilarious how they all thought he was cute coz all he could say was Nin-Nin! POOR GUY!

Then he hates Misaki for some unknown reason & she likes that? Guess it might be part of a plan or something? Well Ive gotta wait till next month to find out! But I do have to say that this is the best chapter of Maid Sama so FAR! DEFFO!!!!!

Ouran High School Host CLub 82 : Mori The Dove Tamer

Wah! Ouran's almost over - and in the penultimate episode Haruhi decides to go to America! Hana Kimi already did that soooooorry! But still I love Ouran! Tamaki & Haruhi are a cute couple, but  I still want her to be with Hikaru ( GO GO HIKARU GO GO!) But I know thats impossible! :'( TEAR!

Fav bits of the chapter: Tamaki turning up in that bloody outfit almost made me die! I got to see Kyouya waking up for one last time XD And MORI THE DOVE TAMER! Mori & Kyouya are the best characters - despite the fact they're hardly doing anything in the main story - if you look in the background they're always doing something hilarious. I loved it in this chapter when the girls asked him where something was - Mori's expression was HILARIOUS!

The Zuka club making they're last appearance was great too - now we just need that gangster guy who likes Haruhi & we're ALLLL set!! Tamaki's OTT date at the beginning was so typical of him & I loved the way the 'Peeping group' went HE REALLY IS THAT STUPID! Well DUUUUH!!! And even though I hated Tamaki's Gmamma before, that bit where she realised it was a date made me lol! And Tamaki talking to his dog too! OMG Thats so Hana Kimi with the dag etc.! I just realised how alike these are after 82 chapters!!! IM A BAKA! Cept the main guys totally diff naturally! AHHHH! *flashbacking to Sano's suprime hotness*!

Anyway I love Ouran its my 3rd fav shoujo series ever (behing Hana Kimi & Fruits Baskets)! I think when it ends next week I will cry! CRY I TELL U! But I've still got all the tankoban to collect - so its not ALL over! XD Can't wait to see how it ends!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kuroshitsuji II EP9 : I Don't Have Any Idead What's Happening Anymore

I love the Kuroshisuji manga - but the animes...not so much. Reasons why? There are two. No1 the animes way to confusing! No2 THEY MAKE SEBASTIAN SO UNHOT! HE'S SO HOT IN THE MANGA! Anyway, since the beginning Kuroshitsuji II I havent hade the faintest idea wtf is going on - they need to simplify anime so baka baks like me dont get confuzzled! (It doesnt help that I havent watch the entire 1st season.) But what I have noticed is that this season is weirdly SEXUAL! Especially when Alois is around - not that i mind, since I luuuuuurve Alois! That little ball of sadism is so much better that Ciel! Not to mention I really like the colours of his clothes....not that that has to do with anything!

Anyway I can't really comment on this weeks episode coz I still don't know what happened XD! But what I do know is that I really like the triplet who said that Claude was gonna use the Alois soul ring to get married XD! And I love the glasses thing Claude kept doing - I  always do that when I'm wearing sunglasses coz, sadly, I am not a megane :'(! PLus Hannahs clotes and well whole look is awsome!!!!!

One thing I'm wondering is what happened to Alois? Haannah brought him back to life, ne? Anyway Kuroshitsuji II is probably my least fav of the current ongoing animes but I still cant wait till next week coz I wanna know what Cielly was blushing about!

Kaichou Wa Maid - Sama EP22: I'm A Loyal Member Of The Hinata Appreciation Society

Ah! How much I love Maid -sama ever since Kanou finally arrived, and now its even better with my lovely Hinata! They're my fav characters! I JUST WANNA EAT THEM UP! I loved them ever since I first read about them in the manga! Im tearing up I love them so much :'( XD!

This week we have the trip! This was one of my fav chapters when I rad the manga -just because of that scene in the supply room where Hinata wants Misaki to 'look at him like a man'. Then he goes all blushy blushy freaky freaky! ITS SOOOO ADOREWABLE XD! I JUST WANNA GOBBLE HIM UP LIKE HE DOES THOSE BREAD CRUSTS! I also loved this episode coz of the parade of the perverted boys, made me lol so much!

But the best part of this episode was the end -and no i don't mean the bit with Misaki & Usui (I wany misaki to love Hinata) - I'm talking about when the Baka trio find that Hinata (in all his ADOREWABLENESS) ate all the meat & then turn perveted on Yukimura! Aww poor Yukimura - the uke in the wrong type of anime :-)! All those men turning on him in their desperateness XD! BUt hes got superman Kanou to save the day - or his he just another suitor? PLEASE SAY HE IS!!!!!

Anyway, as usual loved maid sama this week & cant wait till next week when HInata finds out XD! A week is just so long, ne?