Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kuroshitsuji II EP9 : I Don't Have Any Idead What's Happening Anymore

I love the Kuroshisuji manga - but the animes...not so much. Reasons why? There are two. No1 the animes way to confusing! No2 THEY MAKE SEBASTIAN SO UNHOT! HE'S SO HOT IN THE MANGA! Anyway, since the beginning Kuroshitsuji II I havent hade the faintest idea wtf is going on - they need to simplify anime so baka baks like me dont get confuzzled! (It doesnt help that I havent watch the entire 1st season.) But what I have noticed is that this season is weirdly SEXUAL! Especially when Alois is around - not that i mind, since I luuuuuurve Alois! That little ball of sadism is so much better that Ciel! Not to mention I really like the colours of his clothes....not that that has to do with anything!

Anyway I can't really comment on this weeks episode coz I still don't know what happened XD! But what I do know is that I really like the triplet who said that Claude was gonna use the Alois soul ring to get married XD! And I love the glasses thing Claude kept doing - I  always do that when I'm wearing sunglasses coz, sadly, I am not a megane :'(! PLus Hannahs clotes and well whole look is awsome!!!!!

One thing I'm wondering is what happened to Alois? Haannah brought him back to life, ne? Anyway Kuroshitsuji II is probably my least fav of the current ongoing animes but I still cant wait till next week coz I wanna know what Cielly was blushing about!

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