Saturday, 28 August 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid - Sama EP22: I'm A Loyal Member Of The Hinata Appreciation Society

Ah! How much I love Maid -sama ever since Kanou finally arrived, and now its even better with my lovely Hinata! They're my fav characters! I JUST WANNA EAT THEM UP! I loved them ever since I first read about them in the manga! Im tearing up I love them so much :'( XD!

This week we have the trip! This was one of my fav chapters when I rad the manga -just because of that scene in the supply room where Hinata wants Misaki to 'look at him like a man'. Then he goes all blushy blushy freaky freaky! ITS SOOOO ADOREWABLE XD! I JUST WANNA GOBBLE HIM UP LIKE HE DOES THOSE BREAD CRUSTS! I also loved this episode coz of the parade of the perverted boys, made me lol so much!

But the best part of this episode was the end -and no i don't mean the bit with Misaki & Usui (I wany misaki to love Hinata) - I'm talking about when the Baka trio find that Hinata (in all his ADOREWABLENESS) ate all the meat & then turn perveted on Yukimura! Aww poor Yukimura - the uke in the wrong type of anime :-)! All those men turning on him in their desperateness XD! BUt hes got superman Kanou to save the day - or his he just another suitor? PLEASE SAY HE IS!!!!!

Anyway, as usual loved maid sama this week & cant wait till next week when HInata finds out XD! A week is just so long, ne?

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