Monday, 30 August 2010

Seitokai Yakuindomo EP9 :

I was already laughing the moment the episode started - and that was only the summary of the last episode! All the pervy bits put together lol! Like Tsuda said, "That was the most messed up summary of a former episode Ive ever seen!" Man I love Tsuda! Having to deal with all those perverted girls daily! I cant sympathise though since I am just like the perverts he deals with! XD Then he has his sis too - whos now the 'ditzy type' - man im flashing back to when she ran to school with an entire french loaf in her mouth!

YAY! ITS FINALLY ARRIVED! THE  STUDENT COUNCIL RULE IVE BEEN WAITING FOR! ALWAYS CARRY A CONDOM! Right u are missy! Man I feel like Tsuda's voicing my mind or something I too knew she would say that one day! Ne?

I love Yokoshima-sensei! She & the newpaper girl are my fav character! Its gut to see her awakening to a whole new fetish, but I prefer u sadistic sensei! XD Ah then newspaper girl mishearing everthing again! so i guess guyphobia girl uses pads then...XD OR DOES SHE? Cue Shino somehow turning the red string of fate into wet? Man alot of animes are 'wet' this week XD This somehow turns into a discussion of Tsuda's masturbation techniques? LOL Shino's face as she decides he gives himself head! I for one agree with sensei - its definately the left! Then YAY! Newpaper girls back with photos for they're newspaper, uve got to know u cant trust her for pics by now! And shes now photoshoped Suzu's fascination to not be Tsuda's height but something right at her level of vision, teehee! TSUDAS SO KEWT CHEWING ON HIS PENCIL! XD I have a question, how did one story become 3? But it was hilarious when Tsuda started yelling at George! Tsudas a heartbreaker! TEAR :'( I thought u were different ;) TSUUUDA! LOl jk!

Looks like the Sports fest is finally gonna happen now! But no instead we've got Aria bondage! and yes Tsuda, sensei does like bondage XD! Not to mention shes so kewt being chased in chibi form by a giant red ball! AWWW! And i think Tsuda's sis gives the best advice ever, so i will relay it to men everywhere.... DONT MASTURBATE BEFORE SPORTS ACTIVITIES IT WILL AFECT UR PERFORMANCE! now the question is what type of performance?

OMG I DIED WHEN I SAW SHINOS BONDAGE BEAR! ARIA GIVES THE BEST PRESENTS! And she also knows when you should or shouldnt use aphrodisiacs XD!Sensei an her whip! And since when have westerners enjoyed S&M games, isnt it global? Wah, I really wanna know y Shino picked Tsuda! And man I wish I was given then same explanation for a crouching start as Tsuda was - its so easy to understand! Man I love Newspaper girl freaking about what would sell best! I love her!

The episode end greatly with Tsuda once getting angry at george!

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