Monday, 30 August 2010

Fairy Tail EP44 : DIE LAXUS!

The battle of fairy tail continues! And lets just say LAXUS HAS PROBLEEEEMS! Sure he wans to be master, but taking the city hostage! Thats just LOW! Lol Lucy's & the others arent 'stoned' anymoreXD Thanks to Erza - who is celebrating with naked old men in the baths lol! WELL DONE EVERGREEN!

Anyway Laxus has anger issues - he needs something to vent his frustrations on, or in his case someone! Poor poor Freed - lightening getten thrown at him by angry man, but al i could think about was his hair - I mean imagine trying to do that in real life! IMPOSSIBLE! Unless ur a hair genius!

Anyway doesnt that other guy with the dolls seem kinda pedo-ey! Playing with dolls - perving on Lucy in cosplay! But Lucy's got Loke (who is coolier in celestial form) to save the day, and as happy says she 'liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes him' ! XD

I still cant figure out why the runes block Natsu and that other guy whose name i have momentarily forgotten, from leving the guild? They're not over 80 are they? But, shit i forgot her name too - lets just call her book worm... oh wait Levvy - anyway levy's theyre to help with the runes , hopefully it doesnt mess up like it did in the changeling incident, ne?

Well I can't wait till next week - we're gonna finally see Mira fight! Ive waited for this, shes so much klier this way! NE?

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