Monday, 30 August 2010

Highschool Of The Dead EP9 : Sadistic Saeko Is HOT!

Best line of the episode : ( saeko says to komuro) Do you enjoy getting girls wet or something? MADE ME LOL! I love Saeko! Shes the best character , and shes even better now shes a sadist! MAN I LOVE SADISTS! Like how I love Alois in Kuroshitsuji II! Man that possesed look when shes killing those zoombies! When she says IM WET! so dramtically i thought i was going to die laughing! I'm a fan of Komuro x Saeko pairing so I liked this episode! I think Rei is a dipshit & should die and that Takagi should be with Hirano!

Anyway lots of Saeko changing etc. and I was thinking KOMURO PEEP! PEEP GOD DAMMIT! I WOULD IF I WERE U! But Komuro has to be the 'gentleman' - he knows he wants to! Then he goes and gives her a portable toilet?! I think she'd prefer food - i dont thik they've eaten then whole time! THEYRE ALL ANOEREXICS! (i have no idea how to spell it - never had & never will XD)

Anyway one thing i love about HOTD is that the backgrounds are so PUUUUUURDY! And they continue to be in this episode! Especially while Saeko when ape shit on those zoombies at the shrine - which made it soo much better! Still this was probably the least interesting episode so far (except the wet & sadism parts), but its a filler episode I think - i read somewhere that it was but I can't be sure since I havent read the manga. But for a filler it is still quite good! But not the best, ne?

One last thing, wtf did Komuro aggresively grab Saeko's boob for? RANDOM! Hes trying to make her beat zoombies up by grabbing her boob? WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE? And shouldnt she beat the shit out of him if he does that? BAKA BAK! And whats with him saying he only did it for himself? BASTARD! DONT MESS WITH SAEKO SHES A SADIST! Maybe hes a masochist...? Well then hopefully next week will be better XD

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