Sunday, 29 August 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid - Sama 53 : All Hail The Nin-Nin Ninja

This chapter was sooooo funnny I think it KILLED ME! I LOVE THAT NINJA CED! Usui's bro is so cruel to make him wear that and only say Nin-Nin! But I've gotta say poor Nin-Nin Ninja, hes been exposed to so much in one day, I'm surprisd he didn't die from culture shock! Also HInata was in this chapter so I LVOED IT!

When I first saw the scene in the boys toilets where MIsaki's waiting for Nin-Nin, I thought she was carrying the toilet on her back not sitting on one! I was like ' WTF ARE U CARRYING A TOILET AROUND FOR! ARE U GONNA FLUSH HIM DOWN IT?' But then I realised what happened... XD Wah I love it when Hinata & the Baka Trio arrive wanting to help ( all chibi aswell ) and then the big chase starts! Then comes along THE BEST SCENE EVER in the ENTIRE SERIES of Maid sama! The Kanou x Yukimura Yaoi! Something I have dreamed of since Kanou first arrived! I actually could not stop laughing at Nin-Nin's reaction! And Then Kanou doesn't realise what it just looked like! And then he freaks out and goes all hypnotist on Nin-NIn who jjust closes the door on him - POOR KANOU! Maybe Nin-Nin thought he was gonna be assaulted, ne? And then poor Nin-Nin arrives upon an even more Yaoi scene between Yukimura & Usui ( If only in was Kanou!) NIn-NIn is then further tortured through maids ( but I think he liked that)! It was hilarious how they all thought he was cute coz all he could say was Nin-Nin! POOR GUY!

Then he hates Misaki for some unknown reason & she likes that? Guess it might be part of a plan or something? Well Ive gotta wait till next month to find out! But I do have to say that this is the best chapter of Maid Sama so FAR! DEFFO!!!!!

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