Friday, 27 August 2010

xxxHolic 207 : The Crazy Stalker Lady

xxxHolic is so confusing now that I read the chapters as they come out, but luckily this chapter wasn't confusing, unlike the last one where I had to read a chapter summary to figure it out! We have some really pretty lady stalking doumeki & souls walking around ... fun fun fun, ne?

Anyway I already loved this chapter when mokona was in the 1st few pages, & in my mokona obsession I wanted to scream HALLELUJIAH to the heavens, but i didnt for the sake of my dwindling sanity. Anyway for some reason Watanuki has to change out of his bloody yukata to greet the guest, despite the fact he annoyingly never wears anything else. But i guess he was feeling gut bout something and thought why not?

Cue stalker!!! And a crazy one at that! When she mentions someone doumeki associates with i'm guessing she means kohane, ne? But they're not together are they, i guess crazy stalking soul ladys a TAAAAAAAAAAD jealous XD! I love watanuki's surprise at it being doumeki, it gets my yaoi otakuness going. I've always imagined watanuki & doumeki as a gay gay couple, they're made to be a gay couple....never mind that....anyway watanuki's still jealous about doumeki's popularity. Well u could be popular too if u didnt end ur aging over a dead lady and could leave the house. But u still have doumeki to love, ne? The way watanuki goes 'no liquor with dinner' makes him look like doumekis wife teehee!

Then the stalker cames back covered in swirly black stuff & we discover shes a soul & her body faints whilst out stalking doumeki. Anyway this is the bit that confuses me, watanuki says he got a reward, but he didnt fulfil the wish, ne? This bit confuzzles moi....

Anyway, this months xxxHolic moral: don't become a obsessive stalker coz ur soul will leave ur body, WOW great advice there!!!

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