Thursday, 26 August 2010

One Piece: Why Can't I Be Elastic?

I've never watched or read one piece till now, cause the idea of pirates etc. just never appealed to me. But in my boredom I decided....WTF why not? And I have watched the first 2 episodes! And its not that bad!

Tbh I never really watch older animes coz the animation annoys me, and it still does for these 2 episodes! THE BACKGROUNDS ARE SO BAD!! And I always luv backgrounds coz they're purdy! Thats one of the reasons I love Highschool of the dead & 5cm per second. But after getting over the old animation the story wasn't that bad & luffe's klies! All the way through his fighting I just wanted to yell...Y CANT I BE MADE OF RUBBER! If would make life so much easier, ne? I could fling myself places!!

Anyway I can't help but imagine Luffe as that guy finny in Kuroshitsuji, coz the strength and straw hat...though Luffe isn't accident prone. Guess is where Yana TOboso might have got inspiration for the character from, ne?

Alsoo the girl wiith the orange hair seems klies - cept wonder if she can fight? Oh yh and whats her name? But that revelation is for ep 3, ne?

Anyway, I'll randomly watch this from now on coz its looking gut! But unfortunately it might take the rest of my life coz ITS SO BLOODY LONG!! This is why i try to avoid long running shounens, they drain ur life force, all that effort it takes to watch them! I mean it took me a year to watch naruto, and ive only watched season 1 of shippuden! And i gave up on bleach about halfway through the anime. And reborn is still a work in progress! BUt those are only 200 or 300 episodes.... ONE PIECE IS ALMOST 500! The thought of it is making me cry! But some how I'll manage....I hope.....I might kill myself in the process....this might be my 3rd and last post ever :'( SYONARA!

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