Friday, 27 August 2010

Bakuman 98 : This Is Why I Hate Cliff Hangers

I love bakuman!!! Its one of my fav mangas! And this week its got the cover & colour pages! I love the one above where there all dressed like their manga characters! The best is the otter dude - infact hes the best character. OHHHH SIGH! WHY CANT HE BE IN EVERY CHAPTER??! It would deffo make my day XD! Unless is there an otter conspiracy happening or something?

Starting with the colourful flashback to when Iwase first met Takagi, and fell in love...coz he didnt study? What is wrong with this girl?...Ive never liked her. Takagis got a wife - GET OVER IT!!

As is common in bakuman we have the results coming in & they keep getting worse - unsure of themselvees they wander around then BAM! INSPIRATION  HITS! This time in the form of that irksome Iwase! Through their talk Im thinking TAKAGI U IDIOT! NOW SHES EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH U! GET BACK TO UR WIFEY! But hes naive and doesnt notice her obviously blusing face...blind man!

Anyhoo he rushes back yelling about how hes gonna change etc etc he redoes the last chapter and BAM BAM BAM! Tis released! Here we get a little snipet of the end of thei chapter which it AWSOME! All the manga ideas in Bakuman are so kl I wish they were real mangas :'( But sadly its all a pipe dream...

Anyway we're left with the results cliffhanger, and as this post's name mentions I HATE CLIFF HANGERS! Why? Coz they make me wanna read more....I know thats the point but, Im impatient & I want the next chapter, but I've got to wait a week! HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE? Not to mention I've gotta wait till october for this to become an anime!! But still I love so I will somehow last XD

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