Friday, 27 August 2010

Shiki EP8 : Why is Ventriloquism So Scary?

This weeks Shiki starts off not scary or creepy - I havent found any episode scary since the one where he sees Megumi come back to life, after that I was shitting myself for the next week! However In the end, through the creepy kid, it succeeds in making me want to wet myself. KIDS ARE SO DAMN SCARY IN HORROR! Thats one way to make someone have sleepless nights - through a creepy kid into the mix, not to mention one with a creepy voice and creepy ventriloquism - its just well...CREEEPY!!!! Not to mention the fact shes one of those alive dead people - natsuno's mum should of listened to natsuno's dad & not let the psycopathic okiagari girl in! But thats horror for you no matter how many times u yell DONT OPEN THE DOOR!!! They always open the door.....

Anyway there is one thing I would like to say, why are they still in the village? The moment I see a dead person walking I'd Sprint like an olympic runner to another bloody continent. But no, Natsuno decides he has to dig up dead people to make sure there well DEAD! An let me tell you ... they're not! And then they go and leave the okiagari in the open hoping someone will find him, well hes obviuosly not goona die from being hit by a shovel - hes just gonna be the dead equivilent of knocked out! But i did like the fact they used a shovel and not the typical baseball bat that always seems to be used as a murder weapon - for example in When They Cry & Highschool of the Dead! Thanks for mixing it up a little XD!

But still I cant stop loving shiki! Though i do wonder how they all get their hair to do those crazy hairstyles, ne?

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